Unleash Your Inner Rock Star at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Biloxi

Though a majority of the headlines in regards to Gulf Coast tourism went towards New Orleans post 2005, Biloxi, Mississippi has made a strong recovery of its own. Known for its historical landmarks, sandy beaches and more than a few tie-ins to the history of rock & roll, Biloxi has a charm that need be discussed.

Many know Biloxi as a key artery of the Gulf Coast seafood business. Trust, it goes well beyond Bubba Gump Shrimp. A town with fascinating casinos, each with their own little niches, Biloxi is finding itself a far easier destination to reach thanks to United offering direct flights to the city. A relaxing area for those who find being on the water calming, Biloxi can offer a few dips into the wild side, especially for the rock star in you.

My particular stay in Biloxi not only involved some fun time at the Hard Rock but inside their hotel room where words like plush and luxurious serve little favor towards. The platinum tower room experience came with a double queen bed, cushy bathrobes, and an Oceanside view from both the bedroom and the bathroom that made me feel as if I were on a scenic cruise on the Gulf. I promise, the view is sure to make your rain shower experience a majestic one.

The customization that the Hard Rock offers is top notch, literally building your stay around your preferences via The Sound of Your Stay program. And just to top it all off, you can even get your own guitar and amp to truly party like the rock star that you are!

After your rock session, head on over to Boogie Nights to dance the night away to some 70’s and 80’s disco music. Come on, unleash your inner Saturday Night Fever. In case you just happen to have a long night of dancing the night away or merely want no one intruding in on your early morning rest, you can have your room blacked out with the shades offering as much comfort as possible.

While Biloxi offers a vast array of food choices and options, my stay involved heading to the Half Shell Oyster House located inside the Hard Rock Hotel. Order the oyster sampler, you won’t be disappointed! For you steak connoisseurs, there is also a Ruth Chris’ on site. Yes, it does happen to be a franchise and you can go to any major metropolitan area to have it; however, things are just a bit different down in Biloxi. Southern charm trumps all others. There are also a variety of cafes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds however, don’t check out without having a couple of appetizers and drinks at the Hard Rock Café. My table had me seated right in front of some Madonna memorabilia and I happen to be Madonna’s biggest fan. No really, I am. Seriously.

If the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino sounds like a couple’s weekend getaway or something for a single person to enjoy, that’s because it is. From trying lady luck at the casino, to fine dining, late night music entertainment, or perhaps a relaxing day at the spa on site at the hotel and for any lady really wanting to relax, hitting the spa to pregame before your night is a necessity. Biloxi may be underrated as a tourist destination but it’s a gem that shouldn’t be ignored when traveling the Gulf Coast. And for your maximum enjoyment, a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino should definitely be on your radar.


Book your stay in the platinum tower; the view is pure serenity. Check in, freshen up and head over to the Hard Rock Café for the sampler platter and their signature cocktails. After a cocktail or two, step outside and make sure to catch the sunset.

Head back to your room, put on those dancing shoes and head on over to Boogie Nights. Back to room to enjoy your turndown service and get a good night’s rest.

Sleep in, order room service and then head downstairs for some fun in the sun whether it be via pool or hottub. Don’t forget to order your poolside cocktail!

Freshen up for evening dinner at restaurant at your choice and afterwards some roulette or maybe even blackjack.

Repeat. Have fun. Enjoy.

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