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City of San Antonio to Host 3rd VotoLatino Power Summit

Photo Cred:  VotoLatino
Photo Cred: VotoLatino

The countdown is ON for Voto Latino to arrive in San Antonio for our THIRD Power Summit conference of 2014!

Power Summit brings together young Latinos and community leaders from across the country to network and learn from the very best in advocacy, leadership, and media & technology.

Register today, and get ready for amazing speakers (like our Artist Coalition Co-Chair Wilmer Valderrama and Congressman Joaquin Castro), powerful panels, and even raffles and prizes. Registration is just $25.

AND to top things off, if you’re one of the first three people to register for Power Summit after receiving this email, you’ll receive a FREE Voto Latino 10-year anniversary t-shirt when you arrive at Power Summit!

#PerryGate and What It’s Costing the TaxPayer

[Update Aug 18, 2014]

Perry’s legal defense team was announced today during press conference.  Leading the team is Houston attorney Tony Buzbee.

During conference Buzbee made the following statements:

“…charges are outrageous and in the end Perry will prevail”

“This is nothing more than banana republics politics”

In regard to question of who is paying the bill:  “We haven’t worked out that arrangement.  Obviously, the state will pay a portion”.  Buzbee also generalized that the taxpayer wouldn’t have to worry about paying for Perry’s defense had there never been an indictment. Ummm, really?

I must admit, Slick Perry does have a great defense team.  Too bad I’m paying for it.


Last summer, an inquiry began after an ethics complaint alleging that Perry improperly used a veto to deny funding for the state’s public integrity unit.  Today, Perry was indicted on charges of abuse of power and coercion making him the first Texas governor to be indicted in nearly a century.   You can read more about the indictment here.

Of course, Abbott had no comment.  After all, Perry is his buddy and according to Abbott’s office state law gives Perry the right to hire outside counsel on the taxpayer’s dime.  So not only are we paying for his $450/hr lawyer which has already totaled more than $40k in billable  hours but don’t forget folks, Perry also took an early retirement back in 2011, supplementing his income with a $7,698 annuity each month.  Yes, you read that right. And when this happened, I was livid because that same year (summertime), Perry signed a bill that made it difficult for teachers to receive their spouse’s social security benefits while working. More info here.









Texas ranks 43rd in Child Well-Being

AUSTIN – Texas is still one of America’s worst places to be a child, according to a new report.

The Lone Star State ranked 43rd for child well-being – down one slot from 2013, up one from 2012 –in the annual national KIDS COUNT Data Book released Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Specifically, the state ranked 32nd in economic well-being, 34th in education, 40th in health and 47th in family and community.

“It’s time for Texas to step up its game when it comes to prioritizing our children,” said Frances Deviney of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, an Austin-based liberal thinktank that led the KIDS COUNT effort here, in a statement.

Among the statistics highlighted by the report:

Nearly 1.8 million Texas children live in poverty – 26 percent, 1 percentage point worse than in 2005
Only about 40 percent attend preschool, 2 percentage points better than in 2005

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Ivy Taylor Becomes San Antonio’s First African-American Mayor

SAN ANTONIO — Ivy Taylor began Tuesday’s special-called council meeting as the representative for 1/10th of the city, but by lunch, her constituency had grown to all of San Antonio.

She emerged from a field of four council members for the mayoral appointment, succeeding Julián Castro as mayor of the seventh-largest city in the U.S.

Longtime Taylor supporter and trusted adviser Lou Miller led with that point during an interview with the San Antonio Express-News.

“We are ecstatic about the whole prospect of her becoming the first African-American female mayor in America of a city more than 1 million people,” he said.

In her first news conference as mayor, though, Taylor downplayed the racial element of her appointment.

“I’m humbled and honored to be able to … fill a page in the history books. I certainly believe that the skill set and experience I bring to the table surpass those characteristics about myself,” she said. “But I’m excited that the statement’s been made that San Antonio is an inclusive community where anyone can serve in the highest office here in our city.”

Taylor was sworn in as mayor just after noon Tuesday after Castro officially resigned the post. He’ll begin his new job on Monday in Washington, D.C., serving as a member of President Barack Obama’s Cabinet at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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