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Snoop Dogg Signs to Pharrell’s Label – New Album Will Feature Stevie Wonder

2014-10-17 14.35.36

Honestly, I can care less that Snoop’s made more headlines than music.  And I really don’t care that some of you thought he was a bit to old to be feuding with Iggy Yucky Azalea.  I actually cracked up at those IG videos he made.  Yup, I’m that type of girl – I love me some bad boys.  Most importantly, I still support EVERTHING about Snoop – name changes and all – even though he has yet to respond to my #IWannaBraidSnoopDogsHair Twitter campaign.

So you know that I am completely over the top at the latest news of him signing to my other boo’s label – Mr. Pharrell (make me happy) Williams.  The news broke today while I was driving. Reported by BillboardSnoop’s next album will be released via Pharrell’s i am OTHER label and Columbia Records

So, here I am sitting in a parking lot, writing this.  Why? Because not only is this label signing thing big news but the album will feature Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder.  Did you get that people? Charlie Wilson. Stevie Wonder. Exclamation multiplied a million times!