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Robbins Brothers Should Be Your Favorite Engagement Ring Store!

robbins brothers


From special designer events to surprise marriage proposals, there’s never a dull moment at Robbins Brothers. Instead of keeping these things to themselves, they want to share all the dynamic happenings with you!

It’s true – I am not on the market for an engagement but hey, who says you can’t get married all over again? Especially if I get a cute little box with a BIG shiny something from Robbins Brothers! 

Well, with that being said, imagine my reaction when Robbins Brothers asked me if I would write about one of those sparkly somethings for them??!! Of course, ZERO hesitation!

Check out this beauty and you can view my blog post for them here at RobbinsBrothers.com

Robbins Brothers
Verragio White Gold Engagement Ring Setting (sku: 0399062)