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Civil Rights Leader Mamie King-Chalmers In Houston August 6

Civil rights leader, Mamie King-Chalmers, will share what life was like for African Americans before and during the Civil Rights Movement. This “History Talks” presentation will take place during Thursday Free Family Night, Aug. 6, at 6pm at  the Children’s Museum of Houston. 

The event is part of “Wake Up and Vote: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act,” carried out by The Honey Brown Hope Foundation. “Wake Up and Vote” takes a look at how far we’ve come and why we shouldn’t take for granted our right to vote. The event will feature onsite voter registrars to register voters.


Mamie King-Chalmers grew up in Jim Crow South.  In 1963, when Mamie was 22, she and her family met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and joined the “Children’s Crusade” by becoming foot soldiers for the Civil Rights Movement. Mamie was chased by dogs, beaten, and jailed under horrible conditions. One particular photo of Mamie being hosed with two unidentified young men became a famous iconic photo. This photo was taken by Charles Moore and gained national attention when it was featured in Time Magazine. The photo rallied the civil rights movement and alerted the world to the horrors African Americans faced in Birmingham.

***Activities, events and times subject to change.

 For more information, visit www.cmhouston.org