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Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz hits Houston to Kick Off the Border Convo Tour

This week, Alcaraz will be in Houston, speaking on college campuses and also to the general public. At 6 p.m.Tuesday, he’ll appear on KPFT‘s radio show “Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Our Say.” (You can subscribe to its podcast here.) Then at 7:30, he’ll meet and greet the public at a $25-a-head fundraiser for Nuestra Palabra.


When bridge-blogging is the height of discussion about the border, but only because of its elevation over a highway-then discourse has hit a new low.

That’s the position America is in right now.

Most folks prefer to yell at the border than have a deep discussion about it.

Celebrities voice their xenophobia about Ebola and the border and that gets more attention than science or statistics. Politicians tell Americans that ninja warriors will sneak across the border, or that Isis might sneak through one side or Shazam through the other.

We’re seeing White Flight from intelligent conversation.

That means now we can move in, so we will.

We’re kicking off the Border Convo Tour by bringing BORDERTOWN to the border state. Translation: cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz is coming to Texas!

Alcaraz descends on Houston September 9th before heading to San Antonio and other stops in the Lone Star state. His insights are timely and once his new cartoon series BORDERTOWN is released on Fox TV, he’ll be broadening the American Imagination across many topics, as he was born to do.

“I grew up very poor on the U.S.-Mexico Border, on both sides,” he said during aTEDx SoCal talk. “I watched my Mexican immigrant parents struggle on this side of the fence, mainly.”

But Lalo just plain wants to visit us, too. At least that’s what he told us, “I want to tour Texas because I feel I have underserved the Raza de Houston since they yanked my comic there, but I’M NOT BITTER. Also, I hear Rick Perry is a huge fan of my comics, pero pobrecito can only look at the pictures. Tejaztlan is great and the Raza is boisterous and love to argue about barbecue, but I still love it there.” He also just created a cover for HUIZACHE, the magazine of Latino literature, published in Texas, edited by writer Dagoberto Gilb-a Texan who is banned in Arizona. Guilt by Tejano association.

For the Border Convo Tour, Texas colleges, community groups, nonprofits, and businesses will team up to host some of the leading thinkers of our time to discuss the nuances of the border issue, the complexities, and solutions.

Of course, this issue is nothing new. You only have to look at the names of streets in any major city like Houston to see that we have had wave, after wave, after wave of immigration, and Texas has benefited from it.

In fact, in order for the economic and intellectual prosperity of Texas to continue, we must not get swept up by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer-style anti-immigrant hysteria.

We know Texas can make immigration work.


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Texas Young Democrats Send Aid to Refugee Children on Texas Border


Project: With Love, From Texas (#LoveFromTexas) Hits $45,000 in Aid in Less Than Two Weeks

[Press Release]

Texas Young Democrats call on individuals and organizations to join them as they send direct aid to the refugee children at the Texas border.

TYD created an Amazon Wish List just under two weeks ago and through harnessing the power of social media, have collected over $45,000 in direct assistance so far. That’s over 4,000 individual items to be directly distributed to children and families at the Texas border in need.

Project: With Love, From Texas(#LoveFromTexas) has gained the support of progressive activists, organizations, media outlets and individuals from all over the country. After 10 days of steady activity, the movement saw an exponential growth once national leaders began lending their support. Direct aid purchases have doubled in the last 24 hours.

Governor Perry thinks that more guns will solve a humanitarian crisis at our border, but we at Texas Young Democrats believe that a show of force won’t solve the crisis. “These young refugees are in need and we should all step up to help. They are children, not pawns in a political chess game,” said John Canales Gorczynski, President of Texas Young Democrats.

For young people, by young people, we will make a difference.

For more information visit www.texasyds.com.