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Listen to Prince’s New Albums – Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum

Art Official Age

Tuesday just got a bit funkier with the release of ‘Art Official Age’ and ‘Plectrumelectrum’ , his first full length projecst since his 2010 release of 20Ten.


So I haven’t had the opportunity to dissect each and every song  but upon my first listen, here are my initial thoughts:

Some of the songs, Art Official Cage in particular are somewhat reminiscent of NY City Limelight club days dating back to the mid to late nineties.  It also has a Lady Gaga-ish feel to it.

The beginning instrumentals of The Gold Standard immediately reminded of Parliament’s Give up the Funk for some reason.  I’m sure many will disagree with me but hey, these are my thoughts after all.

The Breakfast Can Wait track is a little bit of sexy mixed with some funk.

I so wanted to listen to the entirety of This Could Be Us but I just couldn’t take it seriously and only those of you that are into social media can understand why.

Let’s see how many of you want to immediately bust out in a pop and lock routine to FunknRoll  (yep, I did that).

And is it just me or are you waiting for Prince to start singing the lyrics to Darling Nikki right at the 13 second mark of Affirmation III?

Synthesized funk with a little bit of sexy, Art Official Age – take a listen for yourself.



Also, check out Plectrumelectrum