2014-10-29 21.37.36

Student Newspaper Posts Vulgar Racist Ferguson Remarks

2014-10-29 21.37.36


(Cover of Missouri State University Student Newspaper)

Recently, I had somewhat of a debate on a FaceBook post regarding the media and sensationalized headlines.  My statement was that there needs to be more responsible and professional journalism.  There was a comment made on my post that my statement was an oxymoron because there is no such thing as “professional journalism” anymore. The respondent further explained that media outlets are thriving off of controversy and sensationalized headlines.  My counterreaction to that statement was that these outlets are thriving because society as a whole is giving them the ratings.  After all, ratings are gained by those who watch, right?

With that being said (and as a proponent of free speech), where do we as bloggers, writers, journalists and so on – where and when do we draw the line?

I could actually sit here and dissect the headline, the article, the writer, the university and write a dissertation but frankly, I’m just too darn tired and disappointed.

I advise you to read the full article before stating your opinion.  That article can be viewed here 

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