A personal note from Lisa: 

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I like to write about various  topics that peek my interest. Sort of a hodepodge of things – no rhyme or reason – just things that I feel I should blog about. From products that I recommend to local shops that I like to frequent to topics that positively impact the Latino community.  I also travel – so yes, from time to time I write about my travel adventures (I hope you enjoy). Oh and I like to eat too! Yup, I’m a foodie at heart.

I do this while battling Lupus – it’s frustrating and sometimes a downer but I remind myself everyday that I must keep going.  I have too much to see and do!

The Lola Brand:

Specializing in brand building, Lisa Valadez has worked throughout the entertainment industry along with national and international entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Currently serving as the Managing Editor for Houston Style Magazine and StyleMagazine.com, Lisa oversees the publication’s daily content.

A native Houstonian and activist, Lisa is well-known within her community for her tireless commitment to community service and various help-outreach initiatives. Lisa has worked with the Alief school district as the Family Outreach Coordinator, a field in which she has garnered annual recognition for her work. She has also served in the capacity of Outreach Coordinator in partnership with the Children’s Defense Fund to help identify uninsured and underinsured children in the Houston area. Knowledgeable about federal programs and protocol, Lisa makes it a priority to educate parents and children about the importance of good health and its direct correlation with school achievement. She is often recruited by local non-profits in the Houston area to help plan, organize, and coordinate large community health fairs.
Lisa says that her true passion is community service, and she desires to educate those around her with facts in efforts to help the disenfranchised. Her long term goals include establishing her own non-profit and educating people on a national level about positively impacting their communities.